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Etc portage package keywords 39 needs updating

This way you can be fairly sure it’ll work even after a reboot. It also knows what steps need to be taken to fix a given security issue.Once you’ve verified that everything works, switch to the new system. I really like this development, but I understand that this command is not considered production ready.In fact, it took me several hours to set up my first Gentoo system. The strength of Gentoo is the compile everything mentality – at least that seems to be the main selling point.Unfortunately on my low-end test server it took about three days to compile even the base system with Apache, My SQL, Python and some other important software.This is in fact exactly what happened to me, despite a substantial time spent updating /etc files.The end result: the machine had to be resuscitated on-site with associated downtime.

From the Gentoo handbook: If all you’re concerned with is keeping your web server up, what you usually want to do is to set up a stable system and then forget about it.

Gentoo is a system built to make it easy to compile every little piece of software in the system with the biggest and baddest gcc flags imaginable for your particular hardware. But unfortunately the drawbacks are severe for a server setting.

The system is better than most Linux systems I have seen when it comes to general package management and installation. It makes it easy to update and install software together with the necessary dependencies.

And of course a system wide update tends to cause just the amount of havoc you would expect from it.

I firmly believe in updating server software only when you need to.

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If you don’t need new features, and things are working, why change anything?